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Information about Child Vision Care from Carey Optical in Port Elgin

At Carey Optical, we take the time to ensure your child’s glasses fit properly so they don’t slide down their nose or fall off, or hurt their little nose or ears.

Children's Vision Care

Children should have their first eye examination at 6 months, their second at 3 years, and annually thereafter.

These are guidelines, and can be changed to be earlier or more frequent if medically necessary.

Since children don’t know the difference between good and poor vision, they are unlikely to complain of not being able to see well. This is why testing is very important, especially to their education. About 80% of learning comes through the eyes, and children with poor eyesight can be deemed learning disabled when all they need is vision correction.

Testing can find focusing and eye coordination problems, and early detection aids in successful treatment; left alone, these problems can result in permanent damage.

More than 10% of children start school with vision problems that can adversely affect their learning and development.

Won't my child have a vision screening in school?

Vision screenings at school do not replace a comprehensive eye exam by your optometrist, which allows eye dysfunction and disease to be accurately detected. A comprehensive eye exam will tell you if your child's eyes are healthy, if they can see well at all distances, and if they have good eye coordination and normal depth perception.

My child's vision is 20/20. Isn't that perfect?

20/20 vision means your child has good distance vision. A comprehensive examination also assesses near vision, eye coordination, focusing skills, colour vision, and most importantly, eye health.


OHIP covers all eye examinations for children under the age of 20.

Contact Carey Optical today, and we will be happy to help you arrange an appointment for your child’s eye exam.

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